Abrevieri in genetica

Exagerate sau nu, previziunile care se refera la rolul geneticii in viitor, atat in medicina, cat si in alte sfere ale vietii, merita luate in seama, au opinat, colaboratorii de la traduceri programe analitice Craiova. Importanta acestui domeniu va genera si un interes in ceea ce priveste traducerile, iar genetica abunda in abrevieri, asa ca traducatorii de programe analitice Craiova s-au gandit ca n-ar strica sa treaca in revista cateva dintre ele:

aDNA – Ancient DNA

BGA – Biogeographical Ancestry

BAC – Bacterial Artificial Chromosome

BLAST – Basic Local Alignment Tool

chIP – Chromatin immunoprecipitation

EST – Expressed Sequence Tag

FISH – Fluorescence in situ Hybridization

GOF – Gain-of-function Mutation

IBD – Identical by Descent

LOF – Loss-of-function Mutation

NGS – Next-generation Sequencing

OMIM – Online Mendelian Inheritance of Man

PGM – Personalized Genomic Medicine

UEC – Unequal Crossover

WGS – Whole Genome Sequencing

YAC – Yeast Artifical Chromosome

Sursa imagine: www.ozdravotnictvi.cz.

Daca aveti nevoie de noi, ne gasiti la 0761 431 255andrinacraciun@gmail.com.


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